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Nietzsche's essay provides an account for (and thereby a critique of) the contemporary considerations of truth and concepts.

Nietzsche's essay provides an account for (and thereby a critique of) the contemporary considerations of truth and concepts.These considerations, argues Nietzsche, arose from the very establishment of a language: Every word immediately becomes a concept, in as much as it is not intended to serve as a reminder of the unique and wholly individualized original experience to which it owes its birth, but must at the same time fit innumerable, more or less similar cases—which means, strictly speaking, never equal—in other words, a lot of unequal cases.In “On Truth and Lies in a Nonmoral Sense,” Friedrich Nietzsche seems to point to truth as the primal fallacy, a sort of forgotten social contract from which stems all modernity and society. .] that which shall count as ‘truth’ from now on” (81).

Initially, however, Nietzsche makes the kind of sweeping parable-like account for truth’s origin which would be characteristic of his later work: “But at the same time, from boredom and necessity, man wishes to exist socially and with the herd; therefore, he needs to make peace [. The moral command of society is ultimately “to lie with the herd” (84).

Characteristically, Nietzsche is depicting these events as necessitated by the nature of his conclusions.

If found so, it should be administered to the baby under the guidance and supervision of the specialist concerned.

If a person has at all developed AIDS, we should not discard him like a hot potato.

Again, though, the bulk of the essay is spent instead on justifying the claim that “Truths are illusions which we have forgotten are illusions” (84).

For this, he draws on the aforementioned semiotic distinction, and makes the case that any given word is the arbitrary auditory metaphor of a visual metaphor of a nerve impulse (and at one level further abstracted, words can be used to make concepts).but was published by his sister Elisabeth in 1896 when Nietzsche was already mentally ill.The work deals largely with epistemological questions about the nature of truth and language, and how they relate to the formation of concepts.His conclusions often paint the developments he observes as being rendered inevitable by the nature of human will, knowledge, and consciousness.Because of this fascination with the developmental history of concepts, Nietzsche is always in the mode of thinking which may be termed genealogical.AIDS is a deadly disease for which so far no foolproof treatment has been discovered.Of course, great research is going on in this field.A baby may be infected with AIDS if any of the parents has got the infection or is HIV positive.It should be confirmed from specialists if the new vaccine developed for the protection of babies against AIDS is effective.The best safeguard against this devastating disease is the precautions that we should take and bear in mind.The first reason how a man gets AIDS is through infected blood transfused into his body.


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