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Back in the Wild West, it was sort of hard for people to differentiate between just normal citizens and outlaws because they just in essence looked just like a normal townsperson.The outlaws in the towns consisted of beer drinkers, and lynchers, which was the one designated man of the group to do all of the ‘hanging’.The Wild West consisted of the and west of the Mississippi river.

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Also due to the construction of railroads, Railways most times cut straight through the middle of the Plains which cut the visual aesthetics of the land and could potentially have caused threats to animals.(document 1) (background essay) Racially, the average age of a cowboy was 24 or 25, in which younger men tend to be more hotheaded, and they are more susceptible to arguments.

Also 1/7 of cowboys were black and another 1/7 was Hispanic and the rest were white, and normally most cowboys are white.

Sanitary conditions in the West were practically non-existent. Housewives emptied garbage, dishwater, and chamber pots into the middle of the city streets where free-roaming pigs devoured the waste.

The pigs left their urine and feces on the streets. Many people had clothes splattered with manure, mud, sweat, and tobacco juice.

Eventually, many cold bedrooms had a basin, ewer (pitcher), cup, and cupboard chamber pot.

Bed bugs and fleas covered many of the travelers’ beds.

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Huck Out West The “Wild West” is ultimately a mythological creation, one filled with recognizable motifs: cowboys, 10-gallon hats, revolvers, horses, lassos, cacti, saloons, vast landscapes, and so on.

Soon all that changed when the Idea of money and greed came into the minds of some Americans, thus creating Cattle booms, Railroads, and mining towns, and the settlement of cowboys and railroad crews as well as U. Soldiers, and later, families on the Great Plains which was originally home to (Document 2) (Background Essay)(Document 3) (Document 4) Environmentally, the Great Plains were first affected by a man named Joseph Mc Coy who saw branded and unbranded cattle wandering Texas, and received the idea that he could drive the cattle north to the Railroad to have them butchered up North.

Doing so could have drastically cut the amount of cattle the Natives had to select from for nourishment as well as the new comers to the Plains.


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