Essay On The Vendor Of Sweet Rk Narayan

Essay On The Vendor Of Sweet Rk Narayan-63
Conflict is also visible within the minds of the younger generations—between their inherited spiritual self and the acquired material self. Narayan’s was first published in London in 1967 by The Bodley Head Ltd. East-West conflict is the major theme of the novel.

(Narayan, with his perceptive expression in a folk mosaic, has been spoken of for the Nobel Prize.) Jagan is, as his son Mall disdainfully puts it, a vendor of sweets, and Mali will have none of it.

Mali manages to get to America, where he is supposedly learning how to write, but he returns to his home with a girl, Grace, and a story-writing machine in which, he wishes his father to invest.

Thus Jagan was a model of traditional Indian values whereas his son was the other extreme, a spokesman of modern Western values. After three years of education in America, Mali returned home accompanied by a Korean-American girl name Grace.

When Mali announced to Jagan that the girl was his wife, Jagan was shocked. But soon cracks developed not only between Jagan and Mali but also between Mali and Grace.

He thought that a period of jail might be good for the young man.

Essay On The Vendor Of Sweet Rk Narayan

Jagan is the most vibrant character of the novel from the first page to the last.

Still he loved them, gave due respect and allowed them to stay in his house. Jagan was unwilling to finance a huge amount of money for Mali’s establishment of story-writing machine.

It was too much for Jagan when Grace announced to him that Mali and Grace had been living together without being married; nor was Mali willing to marry her.

From different generations and different cultures, father and son are forced to confront each other, and are taken by surprise .

As part of East-West conflict, one can notice the conflict between spirituality and materialism in all the novels of R. Spirituality, the hall mark of the Indians started to ebb from people’s way of life.


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