Essay On The Role Of Women In The Pakistan Movement

Essay On The Role Of Women In The Pakistan Movement-52
Due to narrow cultural practices she becomes victim of superstitions and psychological disorders.

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A) Early marriages B) Karo Kari, Watta Satta, Vanni C) Superstitions Conclusion Condition of a nation is directly proportional to the condition of its women.

Condition of women in Pakistan is poor as is the condition of the country.

She is not only ignorant of importance of vote but also of her rights.

Ill-educated women never know what their legal rights are.

They think that girls are unable to feed the family so they are a burden on them.

A large number of girls in Pakistan continue to live as a burden, which is utter shame for the society.According to popular social media trend Me Too, a large number of woman at one or other stage of life has been harassed by a man. She does chores, washes clothes, cleans house and cooks food.Woman is also marginalized when it comes to her economic status. He works all day long but all his physical activity is not considered economic activity.Furthermore, she bears the brunt of all miseries in family as the poor creature is most insecure in a family.Owing to the age-old feudal culture of Pakistan she becomes the scapegoat for all atrocities.Even she is deprived of her rights assigned by constitution. Resultantly over all turn over in these areas is very low.If few women in rural areas are allowed to vote, they vote blindly without knowing to whom she is voting and what is the importance of vote.Even she has low representation in provincial and national assemblies.A large majority of woman are unable to get even primary education.Women of these families choose to work in middle class families where they do cleaning and washing.These poor women are not only paid very low but also treated as slaves.


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