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However, more alarming than any vitriol that either candidate can spew is the behavior of some of their supporters. Most of this violence has occurred at Trump rallies, but there has been an underlying current of misogyny at some Democrat political rallies, as well. While Clinton’s candidacy is ground-breaking, her policies are very textbook Democrat and somewhat moderate.A faction of Bernie Sanders’ supporters has been very openly misogynistic towards those supporting Clinton’s presidency, and it is uncertain how these supporters will impact the election now that Sanders is no longer in serious contention for the Democratic nomination. She is socially liberal, but takes a realistic stance on many economic policies, which place her to the right of many people in the Democrat Party.For many years, Trump identified as a Democrat and was considered very socially liberal.

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An election pitting Donald Trump against Hillary Clinton is one that promises to be interesting, and, most likely, very vicious.

This is interesting because, until the current election season, Clinton and Trump were not rivals of any sort. For example, in addition to attending other social functions together, Clinton attended Trump’s most recent wedding.

As the head of several different companies, he has made the choice to declare bankruptcy in order to preserve profits.

However, his political positions are in direct opposition to his personal life.

Her most substantial policy change since emerging on the political scene probably has to do with the issue of gay marriage, and her changes reflect an overall change in American political and social thought.

As First Lady of the United States, Clinton did not oppose anti-gay policies like the military’s Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy, but she has changed her position to support full civil rights for LGBT people.Donald Trump Donald Trump began his campaign as one of the most polarizing candidates from either party.Many people assumed that his brash attitude would result in his campaign crashing and burning.The 2016 Presidential election has been one of the most interesting election cycles in recent history.At the beginning of the primary season, the Democrats offered two major candidates.She has always been pro-choice, but in favor of reducing the number of abortions though birth control access, education, foster parenting, and adoption.She believes that climate change is real and supports efforts to reduce emissions, but is not opposed to oil exploration and drilling within the United States.However, their political rivalry has quickly become acrimonious.Both candidates are openly critical about their opponent’s qualifications for the presidency. Retrieved June 30, 2016 from Real Clear Politics website: Clinton First and foremost, it must be acknowledged that Hillary Clinton is a historic candidate; while there have been prior female candidates for Vice President, Clinton is the first female major party candidate for President.Furthermore, no other candidate in the Republican Party was able to command the type of support that Trump was commanding, so that, while he never seemed to gather the support of more than half of his party, he was able to get much more support than any other candidate.Trump’s policy positions are much more difficult to identify than Clinton’s.


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