Essay On The Effects Of Smoking Marijuana

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For those who eat pot-laced brownies or cookies, the effects appear after quite.

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As for short-term effects of weed on the brain, it over-activates the receptor cells and the person feels the “high” and gets into a relaxed mood.

The person’s senses of seeing colors or listening and even sense of time are altered.

The most common and obvious side effects of THC are bloodshot eyes and dry mouth.

And that’s why you’ll see that most potheads carry some sort of eye washing product with them.

It’s so potent that it can be detected in urine up to seven days after casual use and up to 30 days after regular, heavy use.

Like any other drug (including alcohol), the side effects from marijuana vary from person to person.People suffering from serious illnesses who lose appetite are also reported to find weed helpful in improving and augmenting their appetite.Although occasional use isn’t believed to be harmful, negative side effects of marijuana can impact your body as well as the mind, can slow down reflexes and impair decision-making capabilities.Vaporizers and vaping weed have become more, or as popular as smoking it and new ways of getting high, like consuming edibles or using oils laced with THC have become the norm.Most users feel relaxed and happy, and it has been reported to ease certain pains, eliminate nausea and is also considered to be helpful in stopping vomiting in advanced cases of cancer or AIDS.Marijuana, weed, cannabis, hashish, bud, skunk, ganja, ‘erb and so many other names are used for the naturally occurring substance that has been used for hundreds of years as a relaxant or a mild hallucinogenic.Marijuana is actually a Spanish word and refers to the dried leaves, flowers, stems or seeds of a hemp plant known as Cannabis Sativa.One person might feel stressed and even disoriented while other might feel relaxed and focused.In addition to your body, several other factors including type and amount of cannabis, your mood or the current state of mind, your circumstances, environment/settings, your diet, and many others, can also play a huge rule in determining the effects of weed you’ll experience.Although it doesn’t augment risk-taking behavior like alcohol does, weed does impair mental functions such as memory, attention, and performance, which makes driving or operating heavy machinery risky.While many believe marijuana to be extremely dangerous, it’s actually considerably less harmful than other substances in the same class such as barbiturates, amphetamines etc.


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