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For example, little girls play with baby dolls and play "house" and little boys play with toy guns and play "cops and robbers." Mass media are powerful factors that influence society's beliefs, attitudes, and the values they have of themselves and others as well as the world.

In your work, you are supposed to tell about influences on the traditional attitudes to women (girls) /men (boys) in different cultures, society, at home as they may vary.

The major task of a student is to draw attention to the period of time when females didn’t have equal rights as males. Show that now the situation has improved but still one can witness discrimination of women at workplace, educational establishments, etc. You need to conduct social research based on interesting historical facts about a man’s life, his behavior and attitudes towards the woman playing different gender roles: the mother, wife, daughter.

After watching an hour of television, several commercials and some programs, women are seen in makeup and all personal hygiene commercials, even male products feature women.

The message here is that if a male shaves with our products lots of women wil...

Remember that at times when going to craft a gender essay, you need to check whether you know how to structure the gender roles text the right way.

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Have a closer look at must-have parts that affect a gender roles essay’s quality: Imagine that this is a brand to sell.

After watching television and flipping though ads and articles in several magazines, the stereotyping of men and women is so apparent but at the same time society is so blind to it.

In society parents teach their children gender roles at a very early age.

Often, Roma girls in Moldova tend to get married early, to a man chosen by their families. Stela respects her family and works hard, but in return she asks them to support her own life choices. See the full photo essay at UN Women Europe and Central Asia website.

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