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He wrote the Ramayana the great-epic which had the great impact on the later literature.Even today the latest poetry is written on the line of Valmiki. The second epic Mahabharata was written by Krishanadwaipayana Vyasa which is known as encyclopedia of knowledge.Prakrit language had different shades in different parts of India.

Sanskrit literature first of all presents Vedas which are the basis for Dharma. There are four Vedas Rigveda, Yajurveda, Samveda, and Atharvaveda.

Brahman granthas explain the Vedic literature and give the detailed process to perform the Yajnas.

It is said that all the modern Indian languages used in north part of India are evolved from Sanskrit and the other Modern Indian Langauges of South India- Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada and Telugu are evolved from the Dravidian family of languages.

The South Indian MILs are well enriched and nourished by Sanskrit language. There are four aims of human life which are called Purusharthas. Dharma stands for the duties and responsibilities of man.

Harishena and Vatsabhatti were also prominent writers.

Some other divisions of the classical literature and some names of the classical writers are: Kalhan and Bilhan in the field of historical Kavyas : Bhartrihari, Amaruka, Bilhana, Jayadeva, Somadeva etc. The Brihatkatha, Romantic and Didactic Fables, erotic poetry, champu kavyas, works on poetics and anthologies, gnomic and didactic poetry etc. The Scientific Literature covers Lexicography, Metrics, Grammar, Law, Science of Politics, Love, Philosophy and Religion, Medicine, Astronomy, Astrology and mathematics etc.

Today the correctness of Sanskrit language is tested upon the touchstone of Panini’s Ashtadhyayee. It was first used in Vedas and thereafter it has been the means of expression in other fields.

Sanskrit is said to belong to Indo – Aryan or Indo Germanic family of languages which includes Greek, Latin and other alike languages. Sanskrit has been the source of later languages and literature in India.

The rest of the Vedic literature might have been completed before 600 BC.

Valmiki was first to write the worldly poetry; Loka – Kavya.


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