Essay On Sincerity

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As Zukofsky said, one lives in the world with things as they are no matter what one thinks about them, and the poem enters this world as one’s sensations and thoughts enter it.

Either the details of the real are in the writing or they are not.

This original nature comes from divine good itself – from God, the Father of us all.

The Bible refers often to our relationship to God as His sons and daughters.

In order to fully understand “Objectivism,” one must restore the original subjects and contexts of Zukofsky’s ideas.

I have therefore relied on the original manuscript whenever it was appropriate to relate Zukofsky’s definitions to the poetry they were meant to define and to the tradition they were meant to develop.Wanting to follow the teachings of Christ, I made a concerted effort as a parent to keep tabs on how well I was demonstrating my own spiritual nature in daily life. I measured my own sincerity by never asking my children to do something I was unwilling to do myself.I understood that even for the smallest or most mundane task, to say one thing and do the opposite would be hypocritical.Speaking of the kingdom of heaven as a state of harmony, Mary Baker Eddy, the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, wrote, “but this harmony is not understood unless it produces a growing affection for all good, and consequent disaffection for all evil, hypocrisy, evil-speaking, lust, envy, hate” (“Miscellaneous Writings 1883-1896” p. As Jesus pointed out, it is never too late to value and put into practice our spiritual nature as children of our Father in heaven.At any age, we can put off destructive habits and characteristics, including hypocrisy, and increasingly discover the sincerity that is truly ours.This constant valuing of sincerity, I am convinced, enabled our children to develop into responsible and honest adults. But this wasn’t of my personal making; it was the divine power within them bringing out their sincere, childlike purity of thought.God’s love working within each of us causes us to be like our Father in heaven, to express sincerity, goodness, and honesty every moment and in all our relationships.If a proper sense of obedience was needed, I would check my own actions to make sure I was in line with obedience to God’s law of selfless love.This became a habit for all of us, and one which I continually am grateful to have learned early on in parenting.The second, which is a major concern in Zukofsky’s essay, is both a chief criterion separating “Objectivist” work from the general and popular practices in verse at that time and delineating the conditions of words which satisfy that criterion: poetic sincerity presents with clarity or exactitude the details of a real experience in words which are a consequence of the integrity of existence.Although both Pound and Zukofsky claimed that personal sincerity is unnecessary so long as the poet achieves poetic sincerity, the rarity of the latter suggests that it is at least helpful if the poet’s personal sincerity be invested in achieving poetic sincerity, if, that is, the poet’s personal integrity is involved in and committed to the integrity of the experience he presents in his work.


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