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Some popular sports for female college students included basketball, gymnastics, and dance.[Sources for essay: see Selected Bibliography.] NOTE: Film titles used in this presentation are the original production titles, which may include archaic or incorrect spellings.

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From 1894 to 1915, the goals of Progressive reformers influenced education in the United States, since education was seen as a way to teach children the proper values needed to be a productive American citizen.

Jessica Freedman, a former Mount Sinai School of Medicine faculty member, offers concrete guidance to help applicants distinguish themselves in the medical school admissions process.

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Universities, and later colleges, started offering a wider curriculum and choices of electives.

Universities offered graduate education beyond college and opportunities for research within fields.

Several minority groups suffered worse deprivations in education than even the immigrant groups had.

African Americans in the Southern states had to attend segregated schools with inferior resources, since the states typically gave such schools only nominal support.

Compulsory attendance laws were enacted to ensure that children from all classes received a basic, "common," education in elementary grades.

Fewer children attended high school, however, since immigrant and working-class families often had to rely on their children working to support the family.


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