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Rather, 'Cellular Pathology', Disease, Life, and Man: Selected Essays by Rudolf Virchow (1958), 84.

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Rather, Disease, Life, and Man: Selected Essays (1958), 142-9.) If you know the exact citation to the primary source, please contact Webmaster.Rather, 'Cellular Pathology', Disease, Life, and Man: Selected Essays by Rudolf Virchow (1958), 81. As cited in Alan Lindsay Mackay, A Dictionary of Scientific Quotations (1991), 250.Although widely quoted in this form, Webmaster has not yet been able to pin down the source of the translation in these few words.If the man of science chose to follow the example of historians and pulpit-orators, and to obscure strange and peculiar phenomena by employing a hollow pomp of big and sounding words, this would be his opportunity; for we have approached one of the greatest mysteries which surround the problem of animated nature and distinguish it above all other problems of science.To discover the relations of man and woman to the egg-cell would be almost equivalent of the egg-cell in the body of the mother, the transfer to it by means of the seed, of the physical and mental characteristics of the father, affect all the questions which the human mind has ever raised in regard to existence.Almost immediately the message came back that the chancellor had decided to laugh off the duel.Cellular pathology is not an end if one cannot see any alteration in the cell.The German text introduces the subject quote with, Nach der berlieferung durch His soll Virchow geuert haben: which means, According to tradition Virchow is said to have expressed: (using Google translate).However, it is useful as a succinct statement to the effect of what Virchow might say to summarize his doctrine.As translated in Angel Pentschew,'Morphology and morphogenesis of lead encephalopathy', Acta Neuropathologica (Sep 1965) 5, No. Sauerhoff, 'Animal Models of Human Disease: Severe and Mild Lead Encephalopathy in the Neonatal Rat', Environmental Health Perspectives (May 1974), 7, 204 & 223 footnote.Note: Although given in quotation marks in the original German text, the subject quote is almost definitely NOT verbatim, but only a paraphrase of Virchows teachings.


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