Essay On Role Of Computer In Modern Society

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The revolutions in Iran and Egypt most recently are examples of how digital technologies played major roles in societal transformations.

And yet, the technological side of twitter and Facebook is very simple, certainly very simple compared to the room-sized, 90 servers and 360 computer chips Watson.

While we continue to imagine our role with digital technology as one of creator-creation we will always run the risk of pulling a Frankenstein.

While we continue to attribute value to technologies based on their sheer computing power and not on their application to social causes we make it easier to displace our objectives and goals.

More and more, the interplay between society and technology is becoming the determinant factor in determining the impact of the technology.

This signifies in my opinion a transition point in the field of computer science— it is no longer enough to build faster, more powerful machines with more raw computing power.With more raw computational powers novel understandings of the world were possible: Everything from statistical models of weather patterns, to the sequencing of the human genome, to improvements in telecommunication greatly benefited from them.We allocated millions of dollars to research and development because there was a premise that with greater computation, better understanding of the world would be possible which in turn would lead us to live healthier and more productive lives.Computer Science has had a big impact on the growth of modern society.In today’s world keeping in mind the intersection between society and technology, creating powerful machines alone isn’t enough rather the role of computer science in society is undergoing a change, says Samuel Tettner in this blog post.Public health campaigns and changes in eating patterns are more promising than advances in technology when it comes to solving issues like this.Don’t get me wrong, computer science has an important role to play in society.IBM says that it plans to use the powerful computer in the health care sector: “IBM researchers are working to apply the system to business uses, such as helping physicians and nurses find answers within huge volumes of information.A doctor considering a patient's diagnosis could use Watson's analytics technology along with Nuance's voice and clinical language understanding offerings to rapidly consider all the related texts, reference materials, prior cases and latest knowledge in medical journals to gain information from more potential sources then previously possible, making the physician more confident in the patient's diagnosis.”1 I find it impossible not to ask if these are really the areas where we ought to concentrate of scientific efforts.The child of Jewish Romanian immigrant and Italian-Venezuelan parents, Samuel has always had an eclectic identity and personality.At age 15, he emigrated to the United States and went on to study public policy with a concentration on philosophy, science & technology.


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