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For example, this method is suggested for Data #4 in the Disturbance Issue where you can see how we recommend using it.Student-active teaching takes a lot of time (and patience) — if it was easy to do, more faculty would be teaching this way!"Turn-to-your-neighbor" questions can be used as a set-up for a topic — such as to pique students' interest. house sparrow) and one native bird — and ask them to decide which one is the native.

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Those days, the days of my childhood, there was a lot of shouting.My father was a house painter, a good-looking man of average height, with a broad chest and muscular arms and shoulders. I once saw him rip the shirt off the back of a local kid, a hoodlum all the young kids feared.I don’t recall much of the incident, just a single image, vivid, of the kid trying to run away as my father grabbed him by the back of the collar and kicked him in the ass as if he were punting a football. Mostly, I remember images, moments: An ironing board set up in the kitchen, in front of the sink.On April 16, 2007, a young man who had been one of my students the previous semester walked into a building on campus armed with a 9mm Glock 19 and hundreds of rounds of ammunition, chained the doors closed behind him, and proceeded to murder everyone who came into his line of vision.By the time he shot himself in the head, with police finally breaking through the chained doors, thirty-three people were dead and seventeen more were wounded.Where she lived, the houses were what we’d call now Mc Mansions, lots of space around them, lots of landscaping, long driveways.I remember the walk through that neighborhood clearly, even now, some forty years later, because the streets were so dark, the only illumination coming from porch lights or the various versions of nighttime exterior lighting.I walked along the deserted main road for most of the journey, before turning onto the dark, unlighted, woods-bracketed road that led into my girlfriend’s upscale development.Where I lived, houses were fairly close together—nice houses, but row upon row of them.I grew up in Brooklyn, on Ainslie Street, in Williamsburg, in the basement apartment of a house owned by my grandmother. In my memory of the news story, the daughter’s last words were “I love you.” He had gone into her room, pulled open her closet door, and shot the figure hiding behind clothes.Once, while sitting with my twin sister in front of the television in that apartment, the door behind us splintered off its hinges as something crashed into it from outside. I’m thinking of a news story about a father who came home from work expecting to find his house empty and then shot and killed his teenage daughter, who was in her bedroom, cutting school. I can’t recall how long ago I heard this story, and I’m not sure about the details, so I go to Google and enter “father shoots daughter” in the search field. Many are recent news about a father who shot his daughter after finding her on Facebook.


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