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You can stumble through the questions: What should I begin with? Then you should understand what exactly you are going to write about.

So we can see that in our modern world the word “citizen”, and hence “citizenship”, has extended its meaning.

Rights and duties Citizenship implies not only certain rights of the citizens, certain guarantees which a city or a country can give.

Rousseau states, “each one of us puts into the community his person and all his powers under the supreme direction of the general will; and as a body, we incorporate every member as an indivisible part of the whole” (Rousseau 61).

Writing an essay, especially on such a topic as “citizenship”, may seem difficult. Your task is to find information which concerns your topic and to study it. When you are positively motivated, you proceed faster, easier and more successfully what is very important.

Anyone can be such a person; all you need is to ask yourself “What can I do? And even if you can not find an answer, there are many people who can help you, volunteers for example.

I believe that volunteering is one of the miracles of our world.It may sound banal, but people who live within one society can be compared with a big family, in which every its member is important, everyone should support and help each other and every single person should do his best to make his “family-society” develop and to become better and better. Usually we speak about our demands, we say that a state “have to”, and very often we forget that we “have to” as well.A good citizen and civic life Everyone wants to use his rights and guarantees which a state can offer without giving anything back. Of course, I am not saying that all people are bad, they don’t have any civic consciousness and they just do not care. If it were so, our world would not have any development.But at the same time you should remember that your neighbors have a right to sound and undisturbed sleep.Since they have this right your duty is not to infringe it. In this article we will give you tips on how to write a good citizenship essay.It is not possible to present everything you will find within one essay.It also demands from people fulfillment of duties and responsibilities which this certain society imposes on its citizens.It means that not only a country, or a city and its Government should do everything possible for the good of the people, but people as well should be conscious about the duties towards their country.An understanding of this fact is also very essential for writing an essay on citizenship.One of the presidents of the United States, John F.


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