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This is not just by those that are no longer being charitable and loving to others.

As individuals, many Catholics and others — especially non-believers — do not see, feel, or have a sense of personal responsibility to be charitable because “others” are doing it for them.

Or perhaps just as bad, since they have made a donation of cash to one of the organizations, they feel as if they have fulfilled their charitable duty.

Find the proverb that is closest in meaning to the sentences given below. c) A stich in time saves nine d) A bird in hand is worth two in the bush 2.

a) Look before you leap b) A burnt child dreads fire.

So, from one aspect, Catholics and perhaps even the U. population in general (assuming that some of these donations are provided by non-Catholics) are exhibiting true charity through their financial donations to Catholic Charities.

I am seeing a similarity in the manner that our society has turned the phrase “charity begins at home” into an excuse not to provide charitable assistance to others.Showing respect for your family and providing for their needs – over your needs – is an act of love, which is “charity.”Ironically, this proverb is often used today for exactly the opposite meaning.Most people use and interpret this as a reason not to provide financial or emotional support to others because “charity begins at home.” Sadly, one of the stories I found to support this usage came from a priest who stated that he often hears this said to him following a direct (and even subtle) request for support for a charitable cause – used as a defense like, “you know father, even the bible says charity begins at home.”There is little doubt that charity, even with today’s definition that now often includes the concepts of comfort, assistance, and/or financial support and seldom refers to love, is alive and well within the Catholic Church.I want to stress that this is NOT just about financial charity.It truly is the opportunity to provide time, talent, or treasure to others in need – regardless if it is financial, emotional, or physical.In his spare time, Greg is a licensed youth, high school, and college official.He earned a Master’s degree in Communication Studies (Message Design) from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania in 1995 and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication-Journalism from Mercyhurst University (Erie, PA) in 1985.His focus is on practical implications and results, not the theoretical.With an extensive career in marketing, Greg has worked in numerous industries.As the second and third verses of the song so clearly state, “With grateful joy and holy fear God’s charity we learn; Let us with heart and mind and soul Now love God in return…And let us love each other well In Christian holiness.” Greg Yoko possesses almost 30 years of experience in a variety of communication-related positions, primarily as a communication and marketing strategist.He has served as an author, editor, publisher, educator, consultant, entrepreneur, marketing manager, and speaker throughout the United States and Canada.


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