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There will always be violent people, and it may be that some of these violent people play violent video games.But not all violent people play violent video games, and many non-violent people play violent video games.

Another point argued is that many spotlighted violent teens such as Adam Lanza (the Sandy Hook shooter) or Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold (Columbine shooters) played many violent video games.

But this argument is also inconsistent because it only highlights the violent teens that were playing violent video games.

Furthermore, they can also be cheaper than television.

Although there are the negative side effects of video games, I have found evidence of many positive effects games have on children.

Gamers are thought to become addicted to gaming, spending full days bingeing on video games, all the while eating snack (junk) foods to avoid leaving their gameplay too long.

My argument is that this is more laziness of the parent rather than the child.

The numbers are merely too inconsistent to make this a valid argument.

Video game nay-sayers also argue that video games make children lazy and/or obese, but this argument doesn’t look at video game play primarily, it also relates to hours spent playing and diet of typical excessive gamers.

Ahoy is great and definitely try to check out Cool Ghosts Matt Lees is alright. His essay on Planescape Torment, as well as the Far Cry and Call of Juarez series are all excellent, as is his Travelogue going through the American Midwest in a VW van.

It's not so much an essay as an exhaustive examination, and it goes a bit off the rails once it stops neatly following the progression of the game's story to explore the side content and DLC, but Aegon of Astoria's Let's Talk Lore series on Bloodborne is one of the few non-Giant Bomb, Youtuber type things I've ever watched a single episode of, let alone soaked up excitedly from start to finish. he has into that game's lore just based on item descriptions, environmental detail, level design and character garments/placement; I haven't even beat the game myself but I had to let him spoil the end of the game for me just to see how he'd wrap everything up.


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