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Philip II was a simplistic guy devoted to Catholicism.

Philip II was a simplistic guy devoted to Catholicism.They both had military to spread their beliefs and ideas.English support of the Dutch rebels and their persistent attacks on Spanish shipping led King Philip attempt to invade England.

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In the summer of 1676, as the violence dispersed and a clearing between the hatred and torment was visible, thousands were dead.(Lepore xxi) Indian and English men, women, and children, along with many of the young villages of New England...

[tags: History Historical Essays King Pillip] - King Philip II Augustus of France wasn’t by any means a physically strong individual, but his strengths lay in his grasp of both political and military strategy.

Those Pequots that were left were sold into slavery and sent to the English colony of Bermuda” (Griffin, PP11, 9/3/15).

In King Phillip’s war, “the massacre is started by the Indians....

[tags: United States, French and Indian War, Caribbean] - King Philip’s War was a disturbing war fought in America in 1675, almost certainly as a result of the early contact between the English Colonists and the Native Americans.

The Natives were, and had always been fighting for their freedom and land, as well as their culture unharmed.Licensed under Public domain" data-lightbox="media-gallery-1567862647"Since the Americas had been reached before King Philip II took thrown, the Spanish established colonies during his reign.Before King Philip’s reign, Spain saw endless gold from Hernando Cortez’s capture of Aztec’s gold in the 1530s.The second half of Philip's reign was dominated by the revolt of the Netherlands.Although the Dutch were eventually suppressed by King Philip, victory was obtained with much expense to Spain’s wealth.The two kings each had their differences about their beliefs on how to rule, yet there are some similarities.Louis XIV believed in showing off his power and being open.Despite all he owned, King Philip still managed to mount debt throughout his reign of Spain.King Philip had difficulty managing money because he kept encountering many different financial burdens.When incoming American gold became inadequate, he unsuccessfully placed increasingly burdensome taxation on his people and took out loans.This angered his people since Spain never had a simulating economy to begin with.


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