Essay On My Motherland Sri Lanka

The Challenge Ahead for Sri Lanka Nevertheless, despite abundant natural talent, we need to change our cricketing structure, we need to be more Sri Lankan rather than selfish, we need to condense our cricketing structure and ensure the that the best players are playing against each other at all times.

We need to do this with an open mind, allowing both innovative thinking and free expression.

His leap would land him quite a way down the pitch in the follow through.

The district coach videorecorded his bowling for half an hour.

At the same time, the instability of our administration is a huge stumbling block to the rapid face-change that we need.

Indeed, it is amazing that that despite this system we are able to produce so many world-class cricketers.

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However, the irony to this is that perhaps our biggest weakness has been our greatest strength.

It is partly because of the lack of structure we are fortunate that the guys likes Lasith / Sanath / Murali and Mendis have escaped formalised textbook coaching.


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