Essay On My Favourite Toy Car

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The new neighbor loved to ride his car in the field where all the children played.When the girls moved to the neighbor’s place, he gladly took advantage of the opportunity to ride his car.

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I hurriedly went out to look for my sister as I knew that she was the one who had taken it.

As I crossed the field towards the neighbor’s house where I heard children were playing noisily, I saw shiny pieces of metal lying in the field.

I had a small sister who grew to marvel at the way I fancied my jeep.

Consequently, she took advantage of the barrier set by my parents to steal and play with it.

If you come over, I can assure you that you’ll get doctored. It moves easily to wherever I’m working in the kitchen. I could list at least five more, but you might fall asleep, bang your head and get a concussion…wouldn’t be a Happy Holiday.

However, I am tighter than Dick’s hat band, so if I like it you know that means something. Barry made hers and it’s been one of the best things we’ve done. Currently she’s learning to “wash dishes”…it’s more like play in the bubbles at this point.

As a girl she never understood why I loved my jeep over other car toys.

Once, she stole my jeep and went to play with it outside with her friends.

I don't think I would ever see the light of the day again!

When I was a small boy, there were certain toys I was fond of.


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