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Other terms that have been applied to such patients have been “Peregrinating problem patients”, “Hospital hobos”, “Hospital addicts”, “Kopenickadus syndrome” and “Ahasuerus syndrome”.Epidemiology: The exact prevalence of this disorder is not known.Onset is usually in early adult life often with a hospitalization for true physical illness.In 2011, the estimated cost of malingering in medicolegal cases totaled .02 billion.David Bienenfeld, MD Professor, Departments of Psychiatry and Geriatric Medicine, Wright State University, Boonshoft School of Medicine David Bienenfeld, MD is a member of the following medical societies: American Medical Association, American Psychiatric Association, Association for Academic Psychiatry Disclosure: Nothing to disclose.It is characterized by voluntary production of severe psychological (often psychotic) symptoms suggestive of mental disorder.This has also been referred to as Ganser Syndrome (named after a German psychiatrist in 1897), pseudopsychosis or pseudodementia.When confronted with evidence of their factitious symptoms, they either deny the allegations or rapidly discharge themselves against medical advice.The common predisposing factors include true physical disorder during childhood or adolescence leading to extensive medical treatment and hospitalization; a grudge against the medical profession, sometimes due to medical mismanage­ment, employment in the medical field as a nurse, technician or other paraprofessional; underlying dependent, exploitative or masochistic personality traits; an important relationship with a physician in the past.Claims and litigations for benefits, and a constant preoccupa­tion with disability are common features of this syn­drome.describes malingering as the intentional production of false or grossly exaggerated physical or psychological problems.


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