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What you should refer to when writing Malcolm X essay There are a lot of published interviews and recorded speeches of Malcolm X that can be a great source for a brilliant essay.There are also documentary movies about him which also should not be excluded.

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Malcolm X autobiography essay is the first step to make it right Malcolm X (Little) was an Afro-American leader and a fighter for human rights, particularly black mankind.

For example, you can explain who Malcolm X was and what he succeeded in his political and social activity.

Find out more about the essay’s specificity: The first difficulty which students face is what to write about in the essay and which topic to choose.

The essay has a unique theme, the problem that has to be solved and makes readers to find the right solution. The attitude of the writer has to be subjective and reflect own point of view. The problem of the essay has to be analyzed and proved using the arguments. The introduction may explain the problem or conflict, its sense, etc. In the main part of the essay, the writer tries to prove or disapprove the statement from the introduction or to answer the question.

It would be reasonable to start with a rhetorical question, for example: “Who were Malcolm X: the influential nationalist or a blind Muslim racist? The main body can also be divided into a thesis, grounding, and pre-conclusion.

As the discussion stresses even though both Malcolm X and Douglass underwent very unconventional forms of learning, the details about these experiences are different.

Moreover, both writers used very logical and persuasive arguments to convey the information about their endeavors; however, their different time periods explain the divergent appreciation they had about these life lessons.

” The described tips of how to write the best essay ever should help you to understand how it works.

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