Essay On Love And Respect

Essay On Love And Respect-13
Love Brings Harmony and Joy in the Family The love between a husband and wife is what keeps a marriage going.

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They share with and care for each other despite any differences.

Love may be Expressed in Thoughts, Words and Deeds Love, expressed even in small ways, goes to strengthening the ties and bonds between people.

On the other hand, where there is love and harmony in a family, there is joy and well-being that is shared by all members of the family.

In a happy and harmonious family there is love between the siblings too.

It is love that also keeps a husband and wife together in marriage. Love is also shown towards other life forms such as pet dogs and cats reared in the home. Love is also felt for nature, and the natural environment including trees, flowers, forests, mountains and rivers. There may be small differences between brothers and sisters in a family; but love binds siblings together very strongly.

It is for one’s nation too that one feels a great sense of love. One who loves the divine, sees the divine in everything around, and, therefore, is able to express love for everything around. Human Relationships Thrive On Love Love between humans in different relationships is expressed in different ways. Next to God there is none other like father or like mother, it is said. In a marriage too it is love that keeps a husband and wife together in harmony and happiness. Good friends are well-wishers with whom one shares one’s innermost thoughts and feelings.They care for their children and show their affection and love in many different ways.Parents look to the welfare of their children at all times.Love does not require any grand deeds for its expression. The love of parents for their children is unselfish. That is how friends share a relationship of love and joy.Parents love their children without any expectations. Love is a feeling that the human heart expresses in many different ways.We hope these paragraphs on Love will help students in completing their school assignments. Parents love their children without any expectation.These will also help children write and read out paragraphs in simple words and with small sentences. They care for their children in every way at all times. By being respectful, grateful and helpful to our parents we show our love for them. A thoughtful deed can be the expression of one’s love for another.Where there is love there is harmony, peace and joy. When love keeps people together they share in each other’s joys and sorrows, and care for each other.Love lets people stay together through thick and thin.Love is all about appreciating a person for what he or she is.Gestures of kindness, generosity and courtesy, and showing empathy in times of trouble are not only expressions of love, but also help in strengthening love between persons.


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