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But, at night it starts to sink in that you have very little to do.It is not that you truly have little or nothing to do; it is just that you are so used to having your electronic entertainment that it has blinded you to the other things you may do.

But, at night it starts to sink in that you have very little to do.

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Recently, I was overwhelmed with the constant presence of electronic devices in my life.

I realized that I could hardly get through an hour, much less a day, without checking my email or Facebook.

On the Simpsons, someone turns off the TV and Homer says, “Well turn something on, I’m starting to think.” Though they were making a joke, you will find that you do start to think. People have a tendency to be very negative about themselves and their experiences when they are thinking alone.

Furthermore, such a long bout of having to think without cessation may also make you realize some things about yourself.

But then I started using this time to think over so many things in my life. In the old days, there were only three, four, or five channels, which meant you had to go entertain yourself in some way because watching TV was too dull.

But, over time the TV has gained more channels, music is easier to get, and video games have become more fun than real life.Just how uncomfortable you become is unclear, but you may be in for a very big shock as you realize just how lonely and uncomfortable you feel.You may find yourself talking incessantly on the phone, to which people will become annoyed because they have TV to watch, video games to play, Internet the explore and music to listen to.When you do discover just how bad you have this “no silence” condition, it is up to you to start curing yourself.This weekend without TV, the Internet, music or video games could be the wake up you need so that you are no longer hooked on electronic entertainment.The TV, the Internet, music and/or video games are great because they help you waste time without fuss and effort.Without them, you will start to feel as if you have nothing to do.My friends and I went to the countryside so I have a lot of time to think about my life, my time and my experiment.In the beginning it was extremely hard not to check emails or call somebody.If you cannot go a full weekend without TV, the Internet, music and video games then you are in trouble.It means you are far too reliant on electronic entertainment and it means your state of mind is not too healthy.


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