Essay On Kalidasa In Sanskrit Language

Even a happy heart is perturbed at the sight of a cloud in the rainy season; what will be the state of those far off from lovers' embrace?

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And I by stroke Of fate and law from dear ones cast afar, Would seek of thee a favour. A Complete Review review, comparing Edgerton version to those by Arthur Ryder and Leonard Nathan. Kalidasa's Meghaduta or 'The Cloud Messenger' Mc Comas Taylor.

Refuge thou art for all that suffer wrong, Distressed and parched, on them thou pourest balm.

And on these heights he whiled away some months, An ardent lover torn from hapless wife, His golden armlets from his wasting wrists Slipt loose: Then with the first advent of rains, Below him, clinging to the mountain side, He spied a cloud, an elephant as 'twere, With lowered tusks, against a rampart bent in sportive butt.

I know thou comest of the far-famed race Of rolling, heavy clouds, -- and changing garbs At will, thou leadest troops that serve the God Of Rains, the Bountiful.

Then, on the last day of Asadha, he noticed a cloud clinging to the mountain-peak, a visual pleasure, like an elephant playing and butting the peak.

The humble servant of the Sovereign Kubera stood somehow before it, tears welling up inside and lost for long in hesitant thought.

A certain nameless Yaksa, divested of his powers by his King and condemned for his dereliction to yearlong exile away from his family, lived in a cottage on Ramagiri hills, where the trees had a gentle shade and where the brooks had become holy from Sita's baths. Brief essay on Vidyakara and Indian literature generally.

A few months of separation from his wife sapped his vigour and the bracelets slipped from his thinned wrists.

That lover, separated from his beloved, whose gold armlet had slipped from his bare forearm, having dwelt on that mountain for some months, on the first day of Asadha, saw a cloud embracing the summit, which resembled a mature elephant playfully butting a bank.

Managing with difficulty to stand up in front of that cloud which was the cause of the renewal of his enthusiasm, that attendant of the king of kings, pondered while holding back his tears.


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