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Sometimes volcanos (located around edges of the Pacific Ocean, known as Ring of Fire) bursts and releases lots of lava, gas, etc which causes pressure and imbalance within the earth surface and produces earthquake waves in the surrounding areas.Thus, volcanic activity within the earth surface is one of the reasons for earthquakes.

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We have provided below essay on earthquake under two categories named short essay on earthquake and long essay on earthquake.

We are here in order to help students to fulfill the tasks they are provided with in their classrooms or any competition organized for essay writing during national or international events celebration in the schools or colleges. You can select any of the essays given below under various word limits according to your need and requirement: Following are the short essays on earthquake for students under words limit of 100, 200 and 300 words.

The word earthquake reveals its meaning very clearly (earth means ground or soil and quake means shake or tremble).

Earthquake is one of the dangerous and life threatening natural disaster which can come anytime and anywhere on the earth.

According to him, the compression of air within the arch escapes cause shakes of some part of the earth surface and called as volcanic activity.

Earthquake is a natural calamity can occur anytime and anywhere on the earth surface, cause lots of disturbance of to the living beings and useful natural resources.If we think about the earthquake, we also think that nothing is more destructive than this natural calamity.Earthquake has its long devastating history from the ancient time all over the world however its monotonous regularity makes us more fearful.Most of the earthquakes come with minor tremors however larger earthquakes with strong tremors generally begins with slight tremors but soon gets changed into more violent shocks.Stronger earthquakes generally end up with huge and forced vibrations at long distance from the main point of arousal. The focus of earthquakes becomes the subterranean point where it originates.People, in the ancient time, believed that earthquake occurs as mother earth was angry with them.It was Aristotle (a great Greek philosopher) who relate the occurrence of earthquake to some physical factors.Earlier, it was quite hard to imagine the intensity of the earthquake before its occurrence.However, now-a-days, it has become easy to estimate the magnitude and intensity of earthquake because of the instrumental advancement in the world.It originates at any point within the crust and pushes a mass of rock to slip suddenly.A huge energy gets released and travels through rocks as waves, which causes vibrations and shaking of the earth surface.


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