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Rhizoctonia leguminicola is known to cause digestion problems in livestock, and may have aided Mc Candless's impending starvation.

On July 30, Mc Candless wrote a journal entry which read, "Extremely Weak.

Fault Of Pot[ato] Seed" Based on this entry, Krakauer hypothesized that Mc Candless had been eating what he thought was the roots of an edible plant, Hedysarum alpinum, commonly known as wild Eskimo potato, which are sweet and nourishing in the spring but later become too tough to eat.

Although he planned to hike to the coast, the boggy terrain of summer proved too difficult, and he decided instead to camp in a derelict camping bus left by a construction company.

In July, he tried to leave, only to find the route blocked by a snow-melt raging river.

On April 28, 1992, Mc Candless hitchhiked to the Stampede Trail in Alaska.

There he headed down the snow-covered trail to begin an odyssey with only 10 pounds (4500 g) of rice, a .22 caliber rifle, several boxes of rifle rounds, a camera, and a small selection of reading material—including a field guide to the region's edible plants, Tana'ina Plantlore.Following chemical analysis of the seeds, Krakauer now believes that the seeds themselves are poisonous.A film adaptation was released in September 2007, directed by Sean Penn and starring Emile Hirsch as Mc Candless.The book was adapted to a film of the same name in 2007, directed by Sean Penn with Emile Hirsch starring as Mc Candless.Into the Wild is an international bestseller which has been printed in 30 languages and 173 editions and formats.He declined an acquaintance's offer to buy him sturdier clothing and better supplies.Mc Candless perished sometime around the week of August 18, 1992, after surviving more than 100 days.Jon Krakauer has written a piece in the book's introduction, while Hal Holbrook—who appeared in the Penn film—narrates the DVD.Into the Wild, by Jon Krakauer is a nonfiction story.Christopher Johnson Mc Candless grew up in suburban Annandale, Virginia.After graduating in May 1990 with high grades from Emory University, Mc Candless ceased communicating with his family, gave away his college fund of ,500 to Oxfam, and began traveling across the Western United States, later abandoning his 1982 Datsun after a flash flood.


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