Essay On Innocence And Experience

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The other side of the conflict is the parent’s’ fear and concern: As far as they are concerned, there is nowhere safe; (Where can Lacy sleep? Their concern becomes more and more self- centered, until it becomes emotional blackmail (oho can Lacy sleep,/elf her mother weep? A moral prescription is then introduced – Lacy ought to be worried – and we notice that this is Justified only by the mother’s distress, not by any real danger.(For example – ‘Introduction’ of Innocence, ‘The Shepherd’).Secondly, he radically redefines the relation of the pastoral to the city because the Songs as a volume could be said to take place in the city.(In The Marriage of Heaven and Hell, which Blake wrote between the two parts of the Songs, he stresses that man’s instincts are not fallen (sinful from the moment of birth) and therefore to follow the instinctive desire for love and pleasure cannot be wrong: The soul of sweet delight can never be defiled.On the contrary, it is the thwarting of desire that leads to corruption and a warping of the personality: Sooner murder an infant in its cradle than nurse enacted desires.He uses the pastoral, in many songs, to attack oppressive and destructive authority (Church, King, parent’s, adult figures), restrictive morality, sexual repression, established religion – the Established Church, social inequality, militarism.The pastoral is a literary style that presents an idealism and artificial picture of rural life, the naturalness and innocence of which is seen in contrast with the corruption and artificiality of city and court.In the ext poem, ‘The Little Girl Found’, the lion’s masculinity, his mane, was what frightened the parent’s (soon his heavy man/Bore them to the ground’).So, the poem conveys the need for sexual freedom, natural energy, sexual energy, feared by Local’s parent’s.Firstly, he rejects the nostalgia of the ideal in order to show the real human condition.He does this by opposing pastoral ideal and urban reality both within the single states of Innocence and Experience and between the two states.


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