Essay On Impact Of Television On Students

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In another side, don’t think we get nothing from movies, if that is true, our foreign teachers are teaching us in a wrong way.

Some people say that young students like watching movies which contain violence and eroticism, it is great harmful to theri mental health.

With the world developping rapidly, we have enterred the information age, more and more media instruments are being introduced to us, and we become relying on them much more than before. It is not surprise that most of families have bought television to their homes, it is also not surprise that many people like watching televeision every day and they are interested in the television programs.

The number of people who like watching television is expanding to every age: children, youngers, the wrinkly and the old.

Academic performance means the level of achievement of students in their studies.

Social media include Facebook, Linked In, twitter, web 2.0 and many more.

If you watch it with your families, it is happy that you have fun together, that shorten the distance between you and your parents, it is undoubtly good that children grow up in a harmony family circumastance.

In conclusion, I think that television is good for students.

Besides that, it is not only movie is good for students but also the other entertaining programs.

By watching an entertainment program, we have fun and know more about different people.


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