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"Josh came from the north to play football for Vanderbilt. p=13780 via @hypertextmag So glad we met @cocacy @vtstudiocenter!

He turned out to be a disappointment, largely, he believed, due to the heat." ORPHANS by @Christy Stillwe1 free online. New fiction for a new day: THE PROBLEM OF YOUR SCENT (excerpt from the novella I Surrender @Think Young Media Are you ready for more amazing small press literature?

The projects I mention in the essay have in some cases produced a lot and have become highly valuable resources, but there has been little advancement in facilities for working with texts.

What we've seen is a great deal of effort directed towards getting texts online in the first place; we still have only the simplest sorts of viewing and searching.

And they, by and large, did not want to hear about computers from me — or anyone else.

Today there is a feeling that the Web, hypertext, and easy distribution of electronic editions is more than a little interesteing, and in any case is clearly going to take over the world.Hypertext and Literary Study Hypertextual fiction (hyperfiction) and other hypertext applications are making their way into the literature courses where, Professor Larry Friedlander says, “learning has basically meant the study of texts,” in the form of the “printed word” (257).And these newer works, inseparable from their contemporary technologies, offer the possibility of a very different type of literary study than the one most English majors experience in traditional literature courses."Hypertext" can sometimes appear to be a confusing or simply fuzzy concept, because of the variety of existing hypertext systems, but it has one essential feature: linking.A hypertext system is one in which links may be specified between different places in the text.We're seeking reviewers, podcasters, interviewers... Bryan Lindsey's "Bleeding Below the San Gabriel Dam" — "A smoky ribbon of blood, diffused in water and flowing downstream, looks like enough loss to kill you." @Hypertext Mag ** @litwithlindsey ** "Rose imagined a version of hell that was a composite of all the versions painted by various religious people, and realized that this co-op hell would, eventually, have room for every single person on earth." 🔥🔥🔥 @rajiahassib #APure Heart As I begin a new school year, I'm reposting this moving vd of a #Palestinian #teacher, a reminder of the challenging & triumphant stories each of my students brings to my classroom. #Back To School2019 #Hope Pe EIy Hbo Wo "I complied when you led me into the dark living room, when we laid down on the couch. This work is protected by copyright and may be linked to without seeking permission.That is exactly what a number of textual scholars are seeking to do, though: efforts are currently under way to create hypertext editions of a wide range of materials—editions that are intended from the start to work as hypertext, and which will never exist in any printed form at all.Such editions are already in progress for the works of Langland, Chaucer, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Charles Sanders Peirce, Yeats, and Joyce, and proposals for other hypertext editions have become commonplace.The important efforts I write about aren't all we need.Of course, that work has to be done first, and it's not as easy as it looks.


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