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Private sector spending of around 15.4 billion Saudi Riyals was made in year 2007. 0.7 was less as compared to the private hospitals i.e. Among the private sector hospitals, the key players are Saudi German Hospitals Group, The Almana Healthcare Group and Al-Hammadi Hospital.Saudi German group claims to be the leading group in the Africa and Middle East region.

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Government Hospitals provides treatments to all the patients free of cost and due to that reason patients have to wait for their turn.

On the other hand private hospitals treat every individual who has either strong medical insurance coverage or ability to pay money. public and private hospitals have multinational staff available for the treatment of the patients.

The Government has performed its duties and responsibilities efficiently.

They have been able to grow the amount of their hospitals to 350 and total number of beds to 48,000 by the end of year 2005 (Booz, 2007).

Private hospitals are liberal in a way that they have combined waiting area for both men and women while the public hospitals have separate waiting area for men and for women.

The steady increase in demand for the healthcare system and due to less contribution from the private sector, have forced the Government to think about several measures of other financing.Also, this sector needs not only money or funds but also expertise from the foreign countries in the form of technology and qualified staff.Presently, Saudi Government is funding all the projects in order to meet the demand of healthcare.That is why they have started to encourage Saudis to pursue their careers in this field by providing full-fee scholarship programs to their nationals (Booz, 2007).After this five year plans, the healthcare system has started to develop in this country with a steady pace.According to the experts, Saudi Government alone would not be sufficient to meet the growing demand of healthcare in the country.It would badly impact other sectors of the economy, if the government put most of their resources in this sector.According to the 1970 statistics, there were only 74 hospitals present in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and about 9,039 beds in total.These hospitals were not equipped with up to date technology and qualified staff.In order to increase that number, Ministry of Health and Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority are working together. to create effective regulatory framework and business environment, in order to attract private healthcare industries.In year 2006, the numbers of private hospitals were about 123 as compared to the 254 government hospitals.


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