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Technology also contributes to other health problems among children, particularly poor eye vision.

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Addiction to television, video games, and the Internet contributes to children’s weight problems because they directly influence the intake of food in children.

Statistics show that “food and beverages advertisers…

Myopia requires children to wear prescription glasses or contact lenses, which can be very inconvenient throughout their life.

Family barriers and health risks are not the only concerns in regards to technology being used by children.

Therefore, technology has negatively affected the development of children.

Young generations have grown up with technology because it is everywhere.

While some computer games have been shown to help a child develop certain cognitive skills, many games and other forms of computer entertainment do nothing to stimulate a child's mind.

Constant switching between programs, games or videos makes it more difficult to focus on tasks for longer periods of time, and this can affect a student's studies and grades.

At a time when children are growing physically, it's especially important to note the benefits of physical activity.

Constant computer use can affect a child's attention span and focus.


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