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Most characters take part in these acts of subterfuge, but the three...The bulk of the drama in William Shakespeare’s Macbeth is based in murder.In Shakespeare's, Macbeth, there seems to be an uncanny connection between the images of sleep and nature.

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From the dialogue between King Duncan, Malcolm, and the wounded...

In Scene 2 of Act 2, Lady Macbethâs master plan to promote her husband to the throne finally comes to fruition.

Shakespeare frequently makes use of the adjective ‘weird’ in his tragedy Macbeth.

Along with bringing to mind the supernatural and unearthly, the word also forces one to consider the nature of the word’s antonym – what is normal? In the play Macbeth, some of the most significant characters rely upon their ability to equivocate, in order to hide their treacherously covetous, or purely malicious intentions.

This initial murder of King Duncan acts as a starting point for Macbeth's reign of terror, and...

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For the historical Scottish king, see Macbeth, King of Scotland. It dramatises the damaging physical and psychological effects of political ambition on those who seek power for its own sake.

Like all Shakespearian tragedies, the main character is necessarily at odds with time.

By its very nature, a tragedy must end with the death of the hero. In Shakespeare's time, having children was, arguably, even more important than it is today.

The collective minds of people in England during the time of Shakespeare struggled to explain the unexplainable; they struggled to understand randomness and human nature.

They believed that from the beginning of time a certain cosmic order had...


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