Essay On Declining Standards Of Sports

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By engaging in sports activities especially for the purposes of having fun, these children will not only enjoy themselves but they will also have the added advantage of working their way to a better lifestyle that will improve their health.

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They enable the individual to grow into a respectable adult capable of making wise decisions that will positively influence not only himself but also those around him.

Through sports, one acquires the confidence to tackle the obstacles that life throws at him having become accustomed to challenges from various types of opponents.

Football is not in this category alone, sports like basketball, baseball and other mainstream sports have been known to have a lot of their tournaments declared sold out due to over subscription by fans intent on going to watch their favorite players thrash their opponents.

The entertainment provided by these sporting activities ensures people spend their free time progressively instead of wasting it on activities that will in the end not add any value to their lives.

Through this interaction, one’s communication skills are also enhanced and developed and these are acquisitions that will benefit the individual later on in life.

Obesity has reached worrying proportions and this is a particular concern to health experts especially since this is caused by an increased rate of inactivity among the youth (National Institute of Health, n.d.; World Health Organization, 2000).

The other classification of sporting activities can be physical or non-physical.

The physical sports are those that require movement of the body muscles for which fitness is of the essence. Non-physical sports include board games like chess, draft, scrabble among others; these are mostly played in the mind but nevertheless are still sports.

Sports among the youth is a key factor that has been noted to promote prosocial characteristic traits among individuals.

According to Bar-Tal, (1976) and Bierhoff, (2002), prosocial are positive forms of social behavior that are not motivated by personal obligations, rather they are voluntary and they have positive results.


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