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Private tutoring is becoming increasingly popular, which is hardly surprising as it is particularly effective in improving not only a student’s academic grades, but also their practical understanding of wide range of subjects.

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Organising a suitable timetable is also easily achievable, allowing sessions to be structured around school or other extra-curricular activities.

With the rise and growth of online tutoring, this has become even easier, allowing lessons to occur where and when you want.

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Left to their own devices, many will just work through it without really engaging in the subject, and it becomes more of a box ticking exercise.

Having a tutor who is able to keep the student focussed and interested will ensure that the homework is not only completed to a higher standard, but, more importantly, is more effective in terms of what a student is able to gain from it.

In addition, as children become older and their studies become more advanced, parents may not always be able to provide suitable assistance. The Tutor Pages – Advice on becoming a private tutor, including a UK directory of tutors’ – a useful way to compare tutors in different subject areas.

In both these cases, having a private tutor who has both the time and skills necessary can be a great help, benefitting both students and parents alike.

Similarly, tutors can be especially effective in regards to test preparation.

The advice and assistance that they can provide ranges from the structuring of revision, to troubleshooting weak points in the student’s knowledge. School lessons can often be quite rigid in their learning style, as they often have very set goals and a strong reliance on text books.


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