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The following expectations are designed to improve the quality of the classroom experience and to enhance the ability of students to learn without unnecessary distractions while in class. Be prepared for each class (I promise to show up dressed and ready and expect the same from you.When you've attended college long enough you start to notice that every class you take, like high school, has specific characters you just can't seem to escape.

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The old saying, think before you speak is important here.

Think Likewise, be mindful of chosen words and joking. " This slang term can be interpreted in several ways, either positively or negatively. Professionalism: Leave the characters like smiley faces, and instant message abbreviations out.

It refines and develops skills that are necessary for all aspects of a person's professional career.

Whether you are a top executive at a fortune 500 company or freshly starting out, being well versed in professional etiquette is imperative.

"Etiquette modifies distracting and unacceptable behavior and develops admired conduct." (Klinkenberg) Why is it that business etiquette has become so imperative within the last decade?

The simplistic answer to the questions is; because our current business market place is full of incredible diversity.Business etiquette is more important today than ever before.With the addition of technology, business etiquette has found a new level in the modern business world.Manners involve a wide range of social interactions within cultural norms.The etiquette of business is the set of written and unwritten rules of conduct that make social interactions run more smoothly. Dating is about two people coming together to get to know one another and find out whether they are compatible, then enjoying each other’s company and eventually forming a closer bond.Etiquette, which was once perceived as a soft skill, has now been found to influence a person's success dynamically in a competitive market.Proper business etiquette allows the business professional to be confident in a variety of difficult professional situations; including but not limited to cross-cultural business situations."Business etiquette is vitally important for creating a harmonious work environment and for representing your company in the best manner possible." (Fox, 2008).Lacking in proper business etiquette limits your potential and compromises your professional image; all the while jeopardizing your professional relationships that are imperative to your business success.In business, you develop skills that help you excel, some of the most important skills you will develop in your professional career include that of business etiquette.Professional etiquette is significant in building up leadership, enhancing careers, and expanding business relationships.


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