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A certain famous man of the nobles of Chios was married; whilst the bride was drawn in her chariot, King Hippoclus, an intimate friend of the bridegrooms, being present with the rest, and also fuddled and merry, leaped into the chariot, not designing any incivility, but only to keep up the usual custom and to make sport. The effects of divine displeasure appearing against the people of Chios, and the oracle commanding them to slay the slayers of Hippoclus, they replied, We have all of us slain Hippoclus.

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And although it be not composed for the tickling of the ear, yet if there be jucundity in the nature of an example to him that is persuaded of the truth of it, my narration fails not of that grace which works conviction; neither is it ashamed of commixing the Graces with the Muses in the sweetest harmony (as Euripides saith), while it engageth confidence especially through that part of the soul which is studious of grace and beauty.

For surely, if, whilst we asserted the art of painting to be the same, whether performed by men or women, we produced the same sort of draughts wrought by women which Apelles, Zeuxis, or Nicomachus hath left, is there any one who would reprehend us as attempting rather to humor and cajole men than to convince them? Moreover, if, whilst we go to make appear that the poetic or comic art is not one thing in men and another in women, we compare Sapphos verses with Anacreons, or the Sibylline oracles with those of Bacis, can any one justly blame this way of argumentation, because it insinuates a credence into the pleased and delighted hearers? Neither can a man truly any way better learn the resemblance and the difference between feminine and virile virtue than by comparing together lives with lives, exploits with exploits, as the products of some great art; duly considering whether the magnanimity of Semiramis carries with it the same character and impression with that of Sesostris, or the cunning of Tanaquil the same with that of King Servius, or the discretion of Porcia /3/ the same with that of Brutus, or that of Pelopidas with Timoclea, regarding that quality of these virtues wherein lie their chiefest point and force.

But having done these things, they went to meet their husbands, who were running towards the sea to the relief of the ships; and fearing their indignation, they laid hold some of them on their husbands, and some on their kinsfolk, and fell a kissing them soundly; by which carriage they obtained their charitable reception.

Wherefore it hath been formerly, and now remains to be a custom among the Romans, for the women to salute their kinsfolk that come unto them by kissing.

And of all the festivals this of the Elaphebolia is the greatest, which they observe to Diana in Hyampolis to this day, in remembrance of this victory.

[3] The people of Chios possessed themselves of Leuconia upon this occasion following.By Isaac Chauncy, of the College of Physicians, London. Plutarch had carried on a long and satisfying intellectual exchange with his close friend and female academic colleague Clea. Introduction and annotation of text copyright 2006 David Trumbull, Agathon Associates. (a word various translated as "virtue" "excellence" or "bravery") of Women, setting forth 28 specific historical instances of women founding cities, defeating enemies in battle, establishing justice and restoring domestic tranquility.The total history of the transaction is particularly recorded in the Life of Daiphantus. There was an implacable war between the Thessalians and the Phocians.For these (the Phocians) slew all the Thessalian governors and magistrates in the cities of Phocis in one day.¶ Plutarch begins with fifteen tales of great deeds done by women working together.Concerning the virtues of women, O Clea, I am not of the same mind with Thucydides.The Trojans as it seems, being sensible of the strait they were in, and having also made some experience of the natives entertaining them with much bounty and humanity, applauded the exploit of the women, and sat down by the Latins./4/ [2] The action of the women of Phocis hath not fallen under the cognizance of any noted writer of that age, and yet there was never a more memorable deed of virtue wrought by women, the which is attested by those famous sacred rites performed by the Phocians at Hyampolis, and by ancient decrees.Whereupon they (the Thessalians) slew two hundred and fifty Phocian hostages, and with their whole host marched up against them through Locris, publishing their resolution to spare no men that were of age, and to sell the women and children for slaves.Daiphantus therefore, the son of Bathyllius, a triumvir, governor of Phocis, persuaded the Phocian men themselves to go to meet the Thessalians in battle; but as for the women, together with their children, that they should assemble them from all the parts of Phocis into one place, which they should pile round with combustible matter, and should leave a watch, to whom they should give in charge, that if he perceived that the men were conquered, he should immediately set fire to the pile and burn all the bodies to ashes.


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