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Music helped alleviate the symptoms of depression that became very prominent in my mother following her stroke.Personal interest arose in the therapeutic benefits of music after suffering a period of disharmony within myself, caused from a build- up of stress due to work, self-employment, and family commitments and so on, resulting in a lack of self-care. Music was a help at the time and offered an escape from the complicated workings of my mind.A realisation period has to be endured in order to re-evaluate and re-formulate one’s circumstances.

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The brain is divided into left and right hemispheres.

The left brain is responsible for words, logic, numbers and analysis. The right hemisphere is the creative side and is responsible for rhythm, colour, imagination, awareness and dimension. Each of these hemispheres is responsible for the multitude of specific systems required for functioning.

Some of these related to emotions include: Cortisol regulates levels of stress.

Severe and prolonged stress can impair the ability of the brain to function normally for a period of time, but the brain is also capable of remarkable recovery.

The brain is the control centre for all the body’s functions, such as walking, talking, swallowing, breathing, taste, smell, heart rate and so on.

It also controls all our thinking functions, our emotions, how we behave and all our intellectual (cognitive) activities, such as how we attend to things, how we perceive and understand our world and its physical surroundings, how we learn and remember and so on.

Here is an essay from one of our followers Brid O’Riordan, on the power of music on regulating and improving mood, highlighting the science behind the thinking Music therapy is fast becoming a very well recognised treatment for those with mental health issues.

In this essay I will be discussing the power of music and its beneficial therapeutic effects on human emotions and mood.

I will relate some personal experiences where music provided a medium for communication amongst my own family members who had limited brain function, providing insight into the parts of the brain associated with emotions and mood and how music helps improve them.

I will discuss music therapies and the ways they can be effective in helping people in both a physiological and psychological manner.


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