Essay On A Trip To The Jungle

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Nearly 2/3 of all male lion pairs and almost half of all trios contain unrelated partners.

Large male coalitions (groups) can always out compete small male groups for the domination of a pride of females.

But have you ever wondered getting close to the natural habitat, animals and the surroundings? It is also a way to understand the beauty of the eco system which comes in a package of fun filled outback adventure sports, forest walks and sightseeing.

In fact if you are an ardent nature enthusiast, this is indeed the best way to explore the uncovered trails of natural echelon that forms taking different forms in different parts of the country.

The migration patter of birds from one part of the world to another is a fascinating subject in itself and therefore the reason for diversification and continual evolutions.

Some of the famous species of birds found in the National parks of India are – Racquet tailed drongo’s, tree pies, jungle owlets, Minivets, ioras, sun birds, Stork billed Kingfisher, Sarus crane.All these species and sub-species of birds make it a tourist delight for people of all age, region and cultural backgrounds.Besides, there are varieties of deer, herds of elephants, colorful reptiles, and plethora of bird species, medicinal plants, some hundred years old trees that form the major habitat of the jungle.Whether they are relatives by blood, or they are not.Males always cooperate with each other when it comes to defending their territory, and their pride from other intruding lions.The lion has a strong, muscular like body with powerful legs.The lion's tail is wispy with black fur, and within the wisp is a hard and sharp spine. The toe of each lion has a strong, curved, withdraw able claw that is up to three inches Lion's hunt every other day or so, and they are strictly carnivores.Exploring colossal wild life in Indian sub-continent is an adventure beyond imagination, a hunt that will take you closer to the greater spaces of nature.Doing the ‘Safari Ride’Considering the uncertain behaviors of the wild, it is always important to ensure safety.Lion's have many unique and amazing characteristics.Their rarity, their strength, and the way of their life cycle make them stand out as a very exclusive species.


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