Essay Of Wonder Of Science

Man’s thirst for knowledge, discovery, inventions and self- expansion are limitless.He is an ambitious and highly intelligent being always engaged in pushing farther and farther the limits of his knowledge and enlightenment.

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And it is just a beginning because the knowledge is very vast, deep, limitless and wonderful.

The beginning has been marvellous and augurs well for the humanity.

If anyone of our ancestors were to come, he would certainly fail to recognize the world as the same where he had lived and worked.

The present day world is more comfortable, more charming and more desirable than it was during the period of our grandparents.

In short, the wonders and blessings of science are countless.

In other fields like education, agriculture, business and entertainment, its success has been miraculous. Man is becoming slave of machines and scientific gadgets day by day. We have conquered elements and space but we have yet to conquer the devil within us. It is the man himself who is responsible for the so-called ills of science.

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Consequently, life expectation has considerably increased and rate of mortality decreased. His un-manned spacecrafts have landed on other planets.

Plastic surgery can transform an ugly looking man or woman into a handsome person. Robots can work efficiently in factories, mines, depths of the sea and even in dangerous places where perhaps man cannot dare.


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