Essay Of Tourism Year 2011

Essay Of Tourism Year 2011-37
are explicit of self-explanatory our incomparable & prosperous natural cultural heritage.Thousands of visitors come to Nepal & its myriad exotic natural, cultural, and spiritual features that exceed the further prospect of ecotourism in Nepal; therefore Nepal has been ranked among the top ten ecotourism destinations in the world.

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Ecotourism comprises over 50% of the total tourist business worldwide & growth in ecotourism shows an increasing trend in the worldwide tourism industries (Nepal Tourism Board, 2012).

Tourism is regarded as the world’s biggest and fastest growing industry.

Development and promotion of tourism sector contribute to generating employment to male and female and income opportunities. Foreign exchange earns from tourism in 2012 was $216 which is around 8 percent of GDP (MOF, 2069).

Tourism also increases government revenue through various types of 11 taxations and reduce nation trade deficits. It helps to develop international peace, friendship, and understandings.

So there is a great challenge to the nation to eliminate the massive poverty of the country through the gradual development of the area and to provide the basic need to the people.

To overcome these challenges, the nation has been conducting some efforts, however, are not gainful. In this situation, the development and promotion of the tourism sector can play a vital role in Nepal’s overall development.

To get rid of the problems of traditional mass or quantitative tourism the alternative concept of environment-friendly ecotourism was introduced in the early 1980s.

Adventure, trekking, wildlife seeing, rafting, hunting, bird watching, sightseeing village tour, jungle safari, kayaking, canoeing, mountaineering etc.

“Tourism, if cultivated properly, may help a country to earn foreign exchange as well as friends from across the land seas helping to forge link of mutual understanding and appreciations for a better world of tomorrow.” Thus, tourism is emerging as good option for rural development as well as for uplifting living standard of people in developing countries like Nepal – King Birendra.

In 1983 a tour operator in Costa Rica registered the word ‘Ecotourism’ for his tour operating business.


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