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They cannot perform well on the job or even make a better businessperson.

So those with a physical disability would be unable to generate income and may remain poor.

Even countries like the united states of America had to work hard after being freed from colonial rule for economic empowerment. Internal riots and protests: There are countries where lack of proper law and order contributes to poverty.

This is because there cannot be the proper environment for business or work in places of no law and order.

Anyone with proper education and knowledge can overcome poverty through hard work and stay away from poverty world. Lack of education: Lack of education is one of the root causes of poverty.

Education is one which has enabled many people to overcome poverty.

Hence you can see almost all the nations in the world spend a lot on education.

They provide even scholarships to those from economically backward families.

But till last few decades, the means of the transaction were limited to food, clothing, jewelry and a few other materials.

Now, ways for financial transactions are many due to the advent of the internet and technology.


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