Essay My Future Husband Wife

Three years later, when I was pregnant with our first child, my mother pressured us to marry. Still, we stopped using the breezy measure of happiness as a basis for commitment.

After our second child was born, instead of discussing marriage, we joked: “If you want to leave, go right ahead, but you have to take the kids with you.

The idea that a bride, or wife, requires another person to define it never occurred to my childhood mind. Late at night in bed, postcoital, eating toasted baguettes with butter and feta cheese on top, we talked and mocked that worn-out, passé ritual.“Here’s the deal,” I said, swallowing a bite of bread.

“If either of us is unhappy or unsatisfied in this relationship, we can leave.

The differences lead me to conclude that a good husband is a life longs companion that will accompany his wife in planning their lives and together facing the future.

Essay My Future Husband Wife

It has always been seen that a husband should take charge of external matters while his wife should take care of domestic matters. A good husband has to be "totally involved," sharing the housework to show his consideration.

The husband should give a chance to show his tenderness and equal duty of responsibility because it takes two people working together to make a relationship to work.

A husband takes the role as head of his family and has to provide protection and shelter his wife.

However, a husband should never feel inferior or useless.

It is not necessary to have the family supported by one person.


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