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A nurse, Beatriz Gonzalez Ortega, was tending the wounded from both sides of a battle.

Pancho Villa, as other guerrilla leaders, often executed his prisoners after winning a major battle.

The Aragon soldiers would give their money to soldadera or a servant, who purchased food and supplies.

In 1519, Hernan Cortez was given 20 women slaves to cook and grind corn for maize bread.

Malinalli Tenepal, who later would be called La Malinche, can be thought of as a soldadera, because she started out as a simple foot soldier to the level of someone equal to a conquistadora.

The history of women soldiers in Mexico began in pre-Columbian times.

Lenin led one of the terrorist groups in Russia who used violence.

Some of the reasons for the Revolution were that the people couldn't trust the Tsar, but the real reason was because Russia became involved in the First World War.

These women, called Soldaderas, or "soldier women," were involved in politics, strong advocates for social and political causes, and participants in the wars' numerous battles.

The term "soldadera" stems back to the Spanish Conquest.


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