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90 Outstanding work in all aspects that is thoroughly independent, original and insightful; writing that has attained the highest professional standards in the discipline.80-89 Exceptional insight, weight and sophistication. Highly accurate work, analytically rigorous, written with a sense of style. Evidence of a capacity to pursue independent lines of enquiry.70-74 Shows a clear awareness of the salient points and an ability to discuss them analytically and incisively.

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Provides references in line with the Departmental style sheet. A direct answer to the question, showing an awareness of different arguments and interpretations, and developing a coherent and well-structured discussion.

Well written, with few technical errors and a sense of style.

A mark in this range recognises intelligent and thoughtful engagement with the subject, a strong grounding in the topic, and the presentation of a coherent argument with an awareness of nuance and complexity, although not all of these elements need be equally strong.

In cases you want to know if students have a deep understanding of a specific topic, multiple-choice might not be the best answer (no pun intended).

Instead, you might present a problem to solve or an essay question.


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