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Guidance has been developed by the UK government, the Quality Assurance Agency, Universities UK and the National Union of Students on how best to tackle the use of essay mills.

This was after weeks of pressure from the UK government, which insists stopping payments for essay mills would go a long way in beating academic cheating.

'Essay mills' provide custom written essays for students to cheat with.

Participation in the contest is open to BA and MA students of any institution of higher education in Poland residing in Poland during the duration of the contest, excluding British Embassy Warsaw or Kazimierz Pulaski Foundation staff and members of their families. They should also include a scanned version of the .

The essays will be considered by a panel including UK Embassy and Kazimierz Pulaski Foundation officials.

PHOTO | PHOTOSEARCHThousands of jobless graduates from Kenya who help lazy university students in developed countries to cheat academically could soon be forced to find something else to do after the UK government started clamping down on essay mills.

On Thursday, international digital money transfer service, Pay Pal, announced it was withdrawing its services to essay-writing firms selling to university students.The UK government said it is incumbent on higher education providers to do more to combat the threat of plagiarism arising from the growth of online 'essay mills', including to explore so-called 'honour codes'.As many as one in seven recent graduates may have paid for an essay to be written for them by someone else, according to Swansea University study."Suggesting that universities impose 'honour' agreements instead is particularly concerning as such terms against contract cheating will already exist in the codes a student signs up to on enrolment and therefore seems to suggest a lack of appreciation of not only how the sector works but also the fact that often vulnerable students get drawn into using these services due to the commercial practices of the sites themselves often predicated on the fact that they are providing services which are still legal in the UK," he said.Last autumn, 46 senior figures from across the higher education sector called for new legislation to be introduced in the UK to ban "the provision and advertising of essay mills".It confirmed on Wednesday, though, that it has already asked payment providers to stop processing payments to essay mills and for other online platforms to follow the lead taken by Google in removing hundreds of advertisements for essay writing services and promotional content from their services.Expert in universities law Julian Sladdin of Pinsent Masons, the law firm behind, recently said that new legislation to combat essay mills is overdue.The Irish government has announced a new law that would make make it illegal to provide or advertise contract cheating services.New Zealand and 17 US states already have such laws.Damian Hinds, education secretary in England, said: "When I was at university I was struck by American friends who talked about the honour code system.They wouldn’t consider even low-level plagiarism because it broke this code – an agreement as they saw it between themselves and the university, and their peers." "I also expect universities to do everything in their power to prevent students being tempted by these companies by introducing initiatives such as honour codes and making sure their students are aware of the severe consequences they face if they are caught cheating.


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