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It occurred to me that a lot of today's dominant messages — some that are part of the environmental movement and others that seem to just float through our culture — are creating obstacles and standing in the way.

So I asked whether we could break through to more of an ecological way of seeing and feeling.

FRITJOF CAPRA: In your latest book,, you pose the question, "Is there a way of perceiving the environmental challenge that is at once hardheaded, evidence based, and invigorating?

" And then you write, "I believe it is possible that we can turn today's breakdown into a planetary breakthrough on one condition.

People can't feed themselves because they are dumb.

The authors label colonialism as the central source of worldwide starvation.

Certainly, it’s the story that fits our cherished image of our nation as a land of opportunity like none... Building on the vision laid out by Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and Ed Markey, now Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren have weighed in with their versions. Read more The Shocking Tale of Two Generations It’s easy to feel fatalistic, accepting as “just the way things are” an America in which the top one-tenth of 1 percent controls as much wealth as the bottom 90 percent, while roughly a fifth of American children live in poverty, and half of American infants are so poor they depend on public aid to...

Read more "I'm a Capitalist," Says Warren…But Why? “Capitalism” refers to an economy driven by owners of private capital, typically with the aim of bringing the highest possible return to themselves, and I am sure that is not what Senator Elizabeth Warren stands for. Read more The Green New Deal Is Not a Choice Here’s my question for you.

Frances Moore Lappe and Joseph Collins use fact after fact in an attempt to express how extreme the situation was and is.

They propose that the origin of starvation in such areas as Africa and Viet Nam are due to the colonization process, which forced the natives to stop cultivating food plants and focus solely on cash crops.


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