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For Zoe, however, it is made very clear that she has no meaningful relationships.She had gone out on dates with local men, but they all ended in astrangement as she “came teo realize that all men, deep down, wanted Heidi,” (308) the ideal woman.I found this to be a disconnection to reflectionism about how society is said to work in Marxism.

There are many different scenes in the story that use a form of Marxism.

The first and maybe the most unusual symbol of Marxism I found was all the different types of people who were in the park.

In conclusion, the writer uses many forms of Marxism throughout the story effectively.

Although readers may want Miss Brill to end up happy, content, or somehow overcome the young couple we leave her seeming somewhat conquered.

Typically one would think people of different economic statuses would be separated in stories to show contrasts between them.

However, in this short story people of all statuses sit amongst each other to listen to the music.“Miss Brill” written by Katherine Mansfield is a story written about an older, somewhat lonely woman.In the story, it quickly becomes clear to readers that character tries to see good in all things.The story begins by the speaker showing us how excited Miss Brill is about going to the park, people watching, and listen to the music play.Because of the new fall air, the character is able to get out her old fur coat she has been longing to wear.It is more directly stated how Zoe relates to her students.“Once she had pampered her students, singing theme songs, letting them call her at home, even, and ask personal questions. They were beginning to seem different” (306) It is only implied in “Miss Brill” that the protagonist does not have any close friends, as all of her activities are done alone and with great attention to self.Summary And Analysis of Miss Brill – Literature Essay The protagonists of two stories constantly face the challenge of isolation.Miss Brill in Katherine Mansfield’s “Miss Brill” and Zoe in Lorrie Moore’s “You’re Ugly Too” both face a similar circumstance of isolation, but both women deal with their isolation in very different ways.The protagonists of “Miss Brill” and “You’re Ugly Too” share common occurrences related to their isolation.Both women are educators that are displaced from their place of origin: Miss Brill teaches English in France but is originally from New Zealand, and Zoe Hendricks is a history teacher in rural Illinois originally from the Northeast United States.


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