Essay For College Students 2011

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High school students will typically begin the college admissions planning process in their junior year, with applications due in October of their senior year (for Early Decision or Early Action) or in December of their senior year (for Regular Decision) although the application timetable for each college may vary.

For example, many public universities such as the University of California system have a November deadline.

From within this cohort, the number of first-time freshmen in post-secondary fall enrollment was 2.90 million in 2019, divided between 4-year colleges (1.29 million attending public institutions and 0.59 million attending private) and 2-year colleges (approx 0.95 million public; 0.05 million private).

The number of first-time freshmen is expected to continue increasing, reaching 2.96 million in 2028, maintaining the demand for a college education.

Officers are generally paid an annual salary, although there have been reports of some recruiters paid on the basis of how many students they bring to a college, such as recruiters working abroad to recruit foreign students to U. Colleges spent an average of $585 to recruit each applicant during the 2010 year.

Marketing brochures and other promotional mailings often arrive daily in the hope of persuading high school students to apply to a college.

The counselor usually works in conjunction with the guidance department which assists students in planning their high school academic path.

School counselors are in contact with colleges year after year, and can be helpful in suggesting suitable colleges for a student.

The case SFFA v Harvard proceeded to trial, alleging Civil Rights Act violations by Harvard University through its race-conscious admissions practices that discriminate against Asians, and putting the limits of affirmative action in the context of college admissions again into the judicial arena.

In 2019 a widespread bribery and cheating scheme, in which affluent parents used devious methods to get their sons and daughters into competitive schools, involving cheating on standardized tests as well as bribes paid to college coaches and admissions personnel, led to complaints that the college admission process is "rigged for the wealthy".


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