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He was claimed as the most controversial writers of his time and was famous for his satires on the society in Soviet Union.

His major publication was ‘A sportsman’s sketches’, a short story collection which aimed at the cruelties of surf society.

He was a Russian-American novelist and entomologist.

Due to these life changing incidents he became a writer and talked about his experience in prison time and again in ‘The house of dead’, ‘The Insulted and the Injured,’ and ‘Winter Notes on Summer Impression’.

He eventually became one of the most widely read and highly regarded Russian writers.

The young writer spent his childhood in some financial crisis due to the head of the family being a gambling addict and therefore could not receive the best of the education.

Nonetheless, that did not pull him down and he was able to make way to the top.

The novel Taras Bulba (1835) and the play Marriage (1842), along with the short stories “Diary of a Madman”, “The Tale of How Ivan Ivanovich Quarreled with Ivan Nikiforovich”, “The Portrait” and “The Carriage”, are of his most significant and popular works.

Dostoyevsky was a Russian novelist, short story writer, essayist, journalist and philosopher.

His masterpiece included romantic sensibility, with strains of surrealism and the grotesque.

He is also prominently known for his portrayal of real life characters.


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