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Installation with better devices such as daylight detector, electronic ballast, low-emission glass and time switch will reduce electric consumption annually.

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Therefore, the use of energy saving device such as daylight detector, electronic ballast, low-emission glass and time switch it can reduce power consumption and electricity generation also can be reduced.

To minimize energy usage in a two story office building by using energy saving device.

By reducing power consumption, the office can save more in cost.

Reduction of cost and power consumption can be implemented in a similar manner.

Office building energy saving is one of the ways to reduce loss of energy in building in Malaysia.

To improve the energy efficiency of buildings needs to rational use of energy and improves energy efficiency in ensuring the conditions of building comfort.

In this chapter, discuss the introduction of energy efficiency in office buildings In this chapter, literature review and equipment using this project to reduce power consumption In this chapter, step to start this project and step using e-quest software In this chapter, discuss the results simulation obtained together with discussion of the results about of this project.

The comparison was made between the office before improvement and after improvement.

The heat and light we receive from the Sun are what constitutes the solar energy. Had it not been for Sun, there would not have been any life on Earth and the Earth would have been like any other planet in the solar system.

Solar energy is a renewable form of energy as we have the privilege to use this energy as long as we have the Sun with us.


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